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Healthcare marketing

From the consumerization of healthcare to the complex nature of the solutions you’re marketing, there are a multitude of issues and audiences to consider in healthcare marketing. When you factor in the strict compliance and regulatory frameworks of the healthcare world, and the complex nature of the healthcare sales process, it’s easy to see why healthcare presents a unique marketing challenge.

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In this guide we explore the key issues that healthcare marketers are tackling today, and the questions they are asking:

– What are the best healthcare marketing strategies?
– How should I use digital marketing and social media in healthcare?
– Does email still deliver good ROI in healthcare marketing?
We answer these questions and more in the Guide to Healthcare Marketing. In addition, we look at how to improve your content marketing programs, and how to implement account-based marketing techniques.

Table of contents

– Marketing strategies for healthcare
– Digital marketing in healthcare
– Why content marketing is important in healthcare
– Social media and healthcare marketing
– Can you use email marketing in healthcare?
– Account-based marketing in healthcare
– Related articles about healthcare marketing

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