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Digital marketing


The challenge

Digital marketing for Dedalus: make PACSonWEB platform a household name in the world of radiology and image processing, highlighting its potential and expanded capabilities while underscoring its seamless integration with existing technologies and systems.

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The Living Stone team takes the time to understand the products, translating that into the messaging and the deliverables – and that translates into results.

Dobco Medical Systems

Full support, from
strategy to execution

For DOBCO, the goal was to introduce their innovative medical imaging platform in new geographies as well as launch the next generation of PACSonWEB Diagnostic on their home turf Belgium. Creating awareness and educating audiences on the potential and scope of the PACSonWEB cloud-native solution was key. It was also important to ensure the sales teams were equipped with the tools they needed for their interactions with customers, both face-to-face and online. A targeted messaging strategy, and comprehensive set of marketing and sales tools, ensured that the right messages reached the right audiences.

Customer reference cases: speaking to customers in their own location & language

With an international network of writers, photographers and video camera experts, Living Stone was able to work directly with DOBCO customers across different regions and countries, creating reference cases that showcase customer experiences with the PACSonWEB solution with warmth and insight. “One of the great things is that we don’t need extra vendors. When we do reference cases, for example, we’ve got an interviewer who is local, who understands the industry we’re in, and they can do everything directly in the language of the customer. That makes us even more effective, because there are nuances that we wouldn’t pick up on in English.“

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Revamp of the DOBCO YouTube channel

For Dobco Medical Systems, building awareness of the PACSonWEB solution with the target audience of radiologists was the primary goal. Living Stone identified LinkedIn and YouTube as the preferred social channels, and developed digital campaigns and videos that would encourage engagement. “Since we launched our YouTube channel six months ago, we’ve had over 2,100 views and 31 hours of watch time. That might sound small, but we are in a niche market, and these numbers are in line with our projections. What is very interesting is the total watch time. The majority of our videos are under one minute, and this means that viewers are watching right up to the closing credits – we are not losing views.“

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