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Healthcare Marketing

Resilient marketing in healthcare

In the ever-evolving healthcare industry, underpinned by factors like shifting public funding, an aging populace, and technological advancements, resilient marketing strategies have become imperative. Such strategies should combine innovative and traditional tools, leverage data analytics, respond to healthcare consumerization, build trust, and establish thought leadership.

Evaluation of previous marketing initiatives

It is crucial to evaluate previous marketing initiatives and use these results to shape new marketing programmes. For example, if sales teams prefer digital platforms to traditional brochures, using interactive tools like ShowPad can be beneficial. Moreover, in this data-driven era, you need tools to analyse the impact of your marketing activities. These tools can help you monitor your KPIs (key performance indicators) and align your marketing goals and spend.

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The consumerisation of healthcare

With an ever-increasing focus on the needs of consumers, and in this case patients, marketing in healthcare today is much broader than in the past. Patients are taking a more active role, necessitating user-friendly digital tools for self-service health management. This paradigm shift challenges healthcare organisations to become reliable sources of information for patients and complement product and service offerings with information resources. As a healthcare organisation, increasing the use of activities such as blog posts, medical articles and online discussions can contribute positively to marketing. Living Stone’s B2B marketing specialists can analyse your current approach and make recommendations to ensure your marketing strategy is aligned with your goals.

Living Stone‘s unieke mix van strategische marketingvaardigheden, ervaring met changemanagement, hun IT-kennis en expertise in de gezondheidszorg maakte hen de perfecte keuze als marketingpartner.


Marketing automation, SEO and customer-focused digital tools

On the digital front, healthcare marketing includes several things such as marketing automation, search engine optimisation (SEO) and customer-facing digital tools. Automation tools can be used for planning your social media, email marketing and ads on social media. SEO is essential for improving website visibility. You can also use it to optimise website structure for mobile use, follow technical best practices and improve website readability and reliability.

Content marketing

Content marketing plays an important role in healthcare, providing valuable information to doctors, patients and hospital communities. Because healthcare relies on evidence-based decision-making, content marketing can effectively position an organisation by distributing credible content. Through content auditing, storytelling, content reuse and video content creation, you strengthen the value of your content marketing strategy.

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Social media

Despite regulatory challenges, social media is an effective tool for healthcare marketing. Indeed, healthcare professionals and patients often search for medical information online: a trend that social media platforms respond well to. Pharmaceutical companies, for example, are creating communities around the diseases their products target in order to promote awareness and relationships while circumventing regulatory restrictions. Professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn are also valuable for reaching healthcare professionals and executives.

Email marketing

Email marketing remains a powerful tool in healthcare as most healthcare providers prefer communication via email. For successful e-mail marketing, the key factors are: providing valuable content, maintaining conciseness and professionalism, personalising the communication and target group segmentation. Moreover, it is also crucial to comply with the necessary security and privacy rules and to monitor and measure results.

Je marketingstrategie op één lijn brengen

As healthcare sales move from a traditional product- and territory-based model to an Account Based Marketing model, marketing strategies must be aligned to support this shift. The Account Based Marketing model prioritises customer-supplier partnerships and comprehensive support. While implementing Account Based Marketing (ABM) is challenging, it can be achieved through steps such as target selection, extensive research, defining buyer personas, developing customised marketing plans and seeking input from the sales team. Working with Key Account Managers can provide valuable insights to shape ABM strategies effectively. In short, resilient healthcare marketing strategies that adapt to industry changes can significantly improve a company’s market position.

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Healthcare marketing

Whether you are launching a new medical device or planning your participation in a trade show, these articles offer useful insights and suggestions for healthcare marketers. In this briefing you can read about these topics, as well as the emergence of customer lifetime value as a key KPI, you can also download our white paper containing “Guidelines for a customer reference strategy that scores”.


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