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Employer Branding

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Living Stone can assist clients in developing a compelling employer brand by conducting thorough research and analysis. They identify the client’s unique value proposition as an employer, understand the target talent pool, and align the brand with the company’s mission, values, and culture. Through collaboration, Living Stone helps develop a comprehensive employer branding strategy encompassing messaging, visual identity, and communication channels.

Leveraging Digital Channels
for Employer Branding

Living Stone can guide clients in leveraging digital channels to amplify their employer branding efforts. They create engaging content, such as videos, blog posts, and employee testimonials, to provide a glimpse into the company’s culture. By utilizing targeted advertising and search engine optimization techniques, Living Stone ensures the client’s employer brand reaches the right audience and stands out among competitors.

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Employer branding for hospitals

Staff are crucial for hospitals. Legislating and retaining staff can make a critical difference to the level of care and scope of services a hospital can provide. A reputation as a good place to work, both among current and prospective employees within the wider community, increases the hospital’s ability to attract the best healthcare professionals. In this briefing, we share articles on how communication can contribute to a hospital’s success, how to articulate a hospital’s service concept, and how to promote the launch of a new facility or practice.


Employee Advocacy and Engagement

Living Stone collaborates with clients to foster employee advocacy and engagement, an essential aspect of successful employer branding. They develop strategies and programs to encourage employees to become brand ambassadors. Through workshops, training sessions, and engagement initiatives, Living Stone empowers employees to share their positive experiences and advocate for the employer brand both online and offline.

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