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Do I Need To Sponsor My LinkedIn Posts To Reach My Target Audience?

Do I need to sponsor my LinkedIn posts to reach my target audience?


LinkedIn is and remains an important platform for companies to reach specific target groups. The platform is unique because it…

Be In Control Of Your Live Dashboard As A Customer

Be in control of your live dashboard as a customer


To measure is to know. We all know this age-old saying, but did we think that in 2022 it would…

Is There A Trade Show On Your Horizon? With This Step-by-step Plan, Your Communications Will Be Right On Target

Is there a trade show on your horizon? With this step-by-step plan, your communications will be right on target


Over the past two years, many trade shows, congresses and other events were postponed or cancelled. Some organizers offered a…

Third Party Cookies

Digital marketing in a world without third-party cookies


Safari and Firefox have already eliminated the use of third-party cookies in their browsers. In 2023, Google Chrome will do…

Digital Tools

Creating digital tools that support B2B sales webmeetings


And we are not talking about PPT here… As B2B marketer, one of your priorities is to provide your sales…

Digital Tools

Creating digital sales tools that support B2B sales conversations


And we are not talking about PPT here…As B2B marketer, one of your priorities is to provide your sales professionals…

The Future Of The Internet

The future of the internet: Web 3.0, NFTs and the metaverse


Today, the internet has evolved far beyond what its creators likely ever imagined, with its outsize impact on every sphere…

Hospital - Launching A New Initiative Such As A New Hospital

How to promote the launch of a new hospital facility or clinic


Start telling your story early, and share lots of information as construction proceeds Launching a new initiative such as a…

How Does Communication Contribute To The Success Of Your Hospital?

How does communication contribute to the success of your hospital?


If you want your stakeholders to listen, you have to prove that your messages have value The perception that key…

Crib Economy

Welcome to the “crib economy” – how marketing is changing in the Covid era


During the first lockdown, we looked forward to a quick return to normal. Now, the world has changed, and it…

What Is The Service Concept Of Your Hospital?

What is the service concept of your hospital?


When you make your service orientation clear, everyone knows what to expect from your organization In the competitive hospital world,…

No Budget For Neuromarketing? Try These Ideas To Learn More About Your Customers’ Emotions And Behavior

No budget for neuromarketing? Try these ideas to learn more about your customers’ emotions and behavior


Multinationals like Microsoft, Coke or Nike have big budgets, and they can afford to include neuromarketing – using sophisticated tools…

Neuroscience ; Marketing ; Neuromarketing

Can you read your customers’ minds? With neuroscience, we’re getting close.


As marketers, we want to learn all we can about our prospects and customers – who they are and what…

Meet MUM: Google’s New Game-changing Algorithm

Meet MUM: Google’s new game-changing algorithm


Some updates to Google’s algorithm have a bigger impact than others. With the rollout of BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from…

Customer Lifetime Value Emerges As Top KPI

Customer lifetime value emerges as top KPI


According to the experts at Marketo, marketers can expect to see a significant shift in marketing priorities over the next…

Commercializing A New Medical Device? 3 Critical Success Factors To Consider

Commercializing a new medical device? 3 critical success factors to consider


Launching a new medical device is a complicated process. First, of course, you have to come up with a concept.…

Expanding Into Audio: Should You Add A Podcast To Your B2B Marketing Mix?

Expanding into audio: should you add a podcast to your B2B marketing mix?


Remember “audioblogging”? The first audioblogs, or podcasts, were introduced more than 20 years ago. In the decades since, podcasting has…

Launch Your HubSpot Marketing Hub With An Onboarding Partner

Launch your HubSpot Marketing Hub with an onboarding partner


If you’ve chosen HubSpot as your marketing and CRM platform, congratulations! You’re on your way to maximizing and measuring your…

Your Customer In Lockdown Has Never Been So Close

Your customer in lockdown has never been so close


In-person meetings are an integral part of the face-to-face sales process in many B2B environments, but they’re not really possible…

Maximize The Value Of Your Webinars With A Webinar Hub

Maximize the value of your webinars with a webinar hub


Even before COVID, webinars were a key tool for marketers. And for good reason: according to a study conducted by…


Build trust and authenticity in B2B marketing with user-generated content


We know that peer recommendations are vitally important in B2B. Customer testimonials, use cases and references are a key part…

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