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The challenge

Living Stone drew up a communication plan for Amplifon and maintained their agenda. Now they know when they must release something to make the deadline. That saves them time and work. They can focus all their energy on sales and marketing and still work on medical marketing in a well-organized way.

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Living Stone is an expert in medical marketing communication. They work with the right people, each of whom is an expert in his or her field.

Marketing Director

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There are very few agencies with so much knowledge of medical marketing communication. Besides that, Living Stone knows key opinion leaders in every sector of the medical world. And all these relationships generate more valuable contacts.

Marketing Director

Amplifon Belgium had no recognizable visual style. The logo was sometimes on top, sometimes at the bottom, in a different size or without a tag line. There was a need for one visual identity. When we received the new corporate guidelines, we decided to medicalize them and to come up with an action plan for the future.

Marketing Director

Living Stone takes initiative and adheres to a pre-set plan. We still have many more plans invigorating our sales via a good mix of offline and online communication.

Marketing Director

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